Quest Implementation

Quest Implementation – Fires of Kel Voreth, Auroria

WildStar is an sci-fi action MMO filled with character, explosions, and a carefully crafted alien world waiting to be explored. I’m a Content Designer on the team and have been lucky to have worked on a variety of zones, from the Arkship tutorials, lowbie, mid level and max level areas. I’ve recently transitioned onto the Dungeons & Raids team as their sole content designer.

Role: Game Designer, Feature Team Owner
Team Size: 200+
Duration: 2+ years
Platform: PC
Released: June 2014

Housing Dungeon - Abandoned Test Lab

Housing Dungeon – Abandoned Test Lab


On the Content team, I implemented quests, scripted public events and storytelling sequences, wrote dialog, created spells and player abilities, and implemented audio. Working on the tutorial levels in WildStar provided an opportunity for me to empathize with every type of MMO player, from total noobs to seasoned veterans, and to critically analyze the systems in WildStar.



Arkship Tutorial Settler Mission

Arkship Tutorial Settler Mission


On the Dungeons & Raids team, I became a Strike Team Coordinator and later Feature Owner, managing daily task prioritization for two small teams working on the Ultimate Protogames and Protogames Academy dungeons. I aided in the creation of lore and storytelling in all of the dungeons and raids and continue to implement dungeon related quests. I created and managed public event scripts, which control dungeon randomization, maintain and write new design documentation, and implement VO.

Here’s a post from the WildStar website outlining Protogames Academy, Ultimate Protogames, and our new Medal Point system, three features which I was owner of in our most recent patch.

Check out the Gamescom demos of some of my work for the Dungeon and Content teams:

Over time I transitioned into a more hybrid content-combat focused role and work with my teammates to create challenging and engaging combat encounters for dungeons and raids. Since the release of Ultimate Protogames and the Protogames Academy in WildStar’s Protogames update, I have transitioned into a full combat designer while still working on one-off content-focused features throughout the year. I designed and implemented the last boss of the Veteran version of Protogames Academy, a level 50 hardcore version of the dungeon, and a solo boss for the Initialization Core Y-83 Prologue, a small lead-in to the small raid. I am now fully immersed in working on large-scale bosses for our upcoming raid. Details to come!